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About Us

Interscale is a Melbourne-based, national provider of Information and Communications Technology services. We specialise in the delivery of market-leading technology services, including Managed Services, Networking & Security, Cloud Services, Consulting & Advisory and Procurement services. We focus these services on the Construction & Development, Professional Services, Financial Services and Education sectors.

Interscale has significant expertise within complex server and network infrastructure environments, supporting customers through an array of differentiated products and services.

It is our objective to empower companies, business leaders and end-users across Australia, and we see technology as the vehicle for achieving this goal.

Our Values


In an industry such as IT, where prolific complexity and a tendency to play on people’s irrational fears are the norm, we believe that working with our customers in an honest and transparent manner is vital to our long-term success. Our aim is to demonstrate integrity in each and every engagement, with both customers and partners alike.


We believe in the value of reciprocity and invest heavily in our relationships with both our customer partners and Tier-1 vendors. We do this knowing that at the end of the day, you’re only as strong as your greatest allies.


In our role as IT advisors and consultants, we’re often responsible for managing and implementing change. As such, it goes without saying that we identify and leverage innovation an enable for all that we do. We believe that “if it ain’t broke, look to how you can make it better!”.


Each person at Interscale has a role to play and we expect them to fulfil their role with quality and excellence in mind. We expect everyone to care for our customers needs as they would their own. We believe that ownership and autonomy play a critical role in the professional development of our staff, so we enable them to take the lead whilst we provide the required support.


At Interscale, we believe that building and maintaining a positive culture is equally important to anything else that we do. Our approach towards culture is that what we’re building at Interscale is a family, first and foremost – specifically, one of inclusion, support, life-long learning, positive leadership, collaboration, determination and having fun. We support everyone’s desire to have a positive work/life balance, have a fully-stocked fridge and fruit bowl, and regularly host lunches to further our bonds as a team.

We rest assured in the fact that if our people are happy and inspired to be the best version of themselves – both personally and professionally, they will continue to love their job, and in turn our customers will benefit, leading to a flourishing business. This is the Interscale way.


  • Handy Kosasih

    Managing Director

    As a 20-year veteran of the IT industry, there isn’t much that Handy hasn’t seen in his time. Handy represents a unique blend of experience and qualifications, having learnt his Masters of IT back in 2012. A significant part of Handy’s practical experience in IT was spent as the IT Manager for a significant 400-seat manufacturing company based in Melbourne. Handy has a wealth of knowledge in the infrastructure space, from server, to storage, to mission-critical business systems, so as our Managing Director he now works with the growing technical team to embed these skills in Interscale’s best practice. Handy is happily married to wife Lia (whom is also our accounts person!) and has two teenage daughters. Handy claims that he had remained unbeaten in Street Fighter, although that claim is yet to be certified.