Who are we?

At Interscale, we place the value of our partnership with customers ahead of everything else. We do this, as we know that by honouring this commitment our customers will continue to seek our involvement with their future journey through the IT world, and the opportunities that arise from digital transformation.

Our Approach

Starting with your first engagement, you will begin to see first-hand how the team at Interscale approach IT differently. We begin with one simple yet often-forgotten process; listening.

This provides us with invaluable insight into your business. It helps to uncover any strategic and tactical objectives that may already exist and highlight areas where your past investment into technology can be better leveraged.

Our consultative process often involves one-on-one interviews with your staff. These interviews explore their role within the business and how they interact with technology. The goal is to understand your business, its people and cultural considerations first. Only once these are known, do we then focus on the technology. This starts with mapping out a high-level growth plan and aligning IT solutions and change initiatives against your business needs.

Our Service Offering

At Interscale, we believe that our role above all else is to ensure that IT remains simple. To facilitate this goal, we have designed our broad offerings within a series of distinct layers, from the foundational Design Layer through to our Manage Layer, representing the capstone of Interscale’s service pyramid. These layers, whilst interconnected, enable us to focus our efforts on specific change activities that meet your present requirements, whilst always maintaining the view of building a more robust structure to your holistic IT program.


Engagement with Interscale’s Design Layer often commences via our consultancy group, who engage with business executives to develop your bespoke IT strategy and roadmap for future technology improvement.
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Our strategic services can help provide your business with greater direction, as well as enabling you to leverage your IT investment to deliver specific business objectives.


After designing a bespoke IT strategy or solution for your business, Interscale can assist you with enacting change via our Implement Layer. A dedicated team will implement your tactical plan and solutions.
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Common projects we deliver for customers include migrating on-premise workloads to private and public cloud providers (we’re both Microsoft and AWS certified), as well as infrastructure modernisation engagements for server, storage and networking systems.


Once your business systems are implemented successfully and running in a “Business As Usual” state, Interscale’s diverse offerings in the Secure Layer enable you to protect your IT systems from external threats...
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…such as ransomware, along with addressing system vulnerabilities and known exploits.


After your systems are secure and protected from threats, Interscale’s Manage Layer can assist in an ongoing capacity. Our Managed Services offering enables you to outsource the stress of managing your IT systems and processes in a proactive manner...
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…to a proven technology partner. We’ll monitor all your devices to ensure uptime, patch server and network systems to maintain continuity and avoid vulnerabilities, as well as support your staff via our flexible Service Desk.

Have a question for us?

For more information about our specific services offering, please see our Services page or contact the Interscale team directly.