Application Development and Integration

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) sector relies on the integration of specialised applications. All in an effort to improve the efficiency of project management through collaboration. Our application development and integration service provides AEC-specialised applications, including Autodesk, AutoCAD, SketchUp, Bluebeam, and Autodesk Construction Cloud.

Our Support for You


• Provide customised dashboards for real-time project monitoring.
• Key metrics and KPI visualisation for better decision-making.

Integration for Better Collaboration and Improved Efficiencies:

• Connect various AEC applications for streamlined workflows.
• Enhance communication and collaboration among project stakeholders.

More Data Visibility - Track Progress and Cost:

• Enable data-driven decision-making through project visualisation.
• Track project progress, costs, and resource allocation in real-time.

Better Project Planning:

• Integrated tools for better project planning and scheduling.
• Optimise resource utilisation and minimise bottlenecks.

Automation of Tasks:

• Automate repetitive tasks for better productivity.
• Reduce manual effort and minimise errors in data processing.

Project Use Case Example

Integrate Autodesk Revit and Power BI:

• Enable collaboration between architects using Revit and non-technical stakeholders with Power BI dashboards.
• Ensure project integrity by analyzing building performance metrics from Revit models using Power BI data visualization tools.
• Real-time reporting for quick decision-making and improved communication between all project stakeholders.

Automate Tasks with Autodesk Dynamo and Python Scripting:

• Improve efficiency by reducing the time and effort required to complete repetitive tasks.
• Customizable scripts tailored to your needs and workflow, aligning with your project requirements or design standards.
• Improve consistency by eliminating manual tasks and maintaining standardization through automation of the processes.

Template Creation for Autodesk Revit:

• Enable data-driven decision-making through project visualisation.
• Track project progress, costs, and resource allocation in real-time.

Programming Languages We Can Work On

Our team has extensive expertise in a wide range of programming languages commonly used in the AEC industry, including:

Autodesk Dynamo

We use Autodesk Dynamo to create custom scripts and task automation within Autodesk applications.


We use Phython to create custom tools, scripts, and task automation that are tailored to your needs.

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