BIM Management

Our dedicated team specialises in strategically planning, coordinating, and overseeing the entire Building Information Modelling (BIM) process to assure effective collaboration and efficient workflows. Interscale offers Revit modelling, digital engineering, model auditing and implementation, as well as content and template creation, as part of our BIM management services.

BIM Management

  • Conducting audits, reviews, and generating progression reports for BIM models.
  • Coordinating clash detection and service coordination.
  • Implementing 4D and 5D planning.
  • Engaging with all stakeholders to communicate BIM progress.

Revit Modelling

  • Creating Revit families from LOD 300 to LOD 500, both parametric and non-parametric.
  • Conducting Revit modelling for MEP services.
  • Upgrading existing Revit models.
  • Auditing Revit models.
  • Providing Revit training.
  • Generating shop drawings, as-built drawings, and single-line diagrams.
  • Setting up Revit models.

Digital Engineering

  • Offering early-stage programmes for cost and quality considerations.
  • Utilising effective communication for innovative solutions.
  • Planning and delivering projects for optimal efficiency.
  • Identifying and mitigating risks early in the process.
  • Employing virtual reality for simulating and testing various scenarios to find optimal solutions.

Model Audits

As part of our BIM Management Service, Interscale handles the ongoing maintenance and management of projects. Included services in this offer:

Model Audits: Assuring model consistency to reduce corruption risks.

Reporting: Providing reports on model important maintenance action items – Warnings, line styles, imports, and file size.

Weekly Maintenance: Conducting Purge, Compact, and Archive Operations.

Template Maintenance: Assists in the smooth transition between Revit versions.

Content and Template Creation

Content management is critical. Poor content family management can result in corrupt Revit files, resulting in significant downtime or rework. As an aspect of our scoped agreement, our content and template creation services will guarantee your project runs smoothly. With our extensive experience in preventing Revit file corruption, our team is ready to assist any project with 3D model content and template creation, as well as management.

  • Reviewing content.
  • Auditing problematic content Families.
  • Conducting weekly content Family health checks.

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