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Cloud Solutions

Cloud architecture can be inherently complex, involving a range of processes that your internal IT staff may not have bandwidth or knowledge to deliver successfully. From the initial stages of gathering requirements from an architectural and business perspective, through to developing a roadmap of cloud adoption and lastly, migrating your workloads to public, private or a hybrid cloud solution, Interscale’s cloud architects and engineers can assist you with your journey.

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Migrating to Office 365

Interscale are a Microsoft Partner and Cloud Solutions Provider, with a team of engineers that are highly-qualified and experienced in Microsoft’s Cloud services. This includes Microsoft’s productivity solution, Office 365. Interscale has assisted dozens of organisations with their migration of on-premise mail services such as Exchange to Office 365. The benefits of Office 365 are considerable, with no on-site infrastructure requirements, monthly billing, and a service model that allows you flex up and down dependent on staffing numbers. Speak with us today to plan your move to Office 365.

Cloud Migrations

Once you have a clear roadmap for cloud adoption, you will need a partner to help you navigate the path that lay ahead. Interscale can be your trusted advisor for migrating traditional on-prem infrastructure and applications to the cloud, helping you determine a strategy for testing and proof of concept, then implementing production environments and transitioning your highest-priority workloads first to improve the agility for the organisation.

Cloud Readiness Assessments

Every organisation’s business requirements are different and as such, the value derived from any potential cloud transition will vary greatly. We’ve developed a cloud readiness assessment framework to identify each organisations’ readiness for adopting cloud technologies. The first step of any journey is often the hardest, but having a plan for “what, when and how” will take away much of the concern and fear with respect to cloud.

Public Cloud Services

Interscale has experience with leading Public Cloud services such as AWS, Google, Azure and Office 365, so we’re well positioned to assist you with developing and implementing a hybrid cloud approach. Cloud adoption should be considered against the risk appetite for the business, so often, a measured approach for transitioning basic services such as productivity and email can be a great litmus test for broader migration.

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