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Sometimes, the challenges presented in the efforts to transform business with technology can be a simple case of “not knowing what you don’t know”. For times like these, you need a Trusted Advisor like Interscale to provide advice on the options in play, with recommendations on strategic direction and navigating the path that lay ahead.

Interscale’s consultants can provide you with a clear assessment of your present state, as well as your desired future state, based from your overarching business objectives. Given these two inputs we can then help you to build a roadmap to bridge the gap.

Our approach is to always retain independence, affording us the ability to represent you and your organisational needs first – as opposed to those of our vendors – meaning that you get the right advice, at the right time in your growth journey.

Our range of offerings in the consulting and advisory space are comprehensive. We can engage in short, tactical projects to provide an immediate business outcome, or, if your needs are more long-term, work alongside your executive team in an ongoing capacity. It’s your choice.

Contact Interscale today to learn how we can help you to develop your IT roadmap and in doing so, realise business outcomes you never thought possible.


Strategic Review

Interscale has developed a framework for assisting customers with developing their roadmap for their strategic journey with IT. We start our Strategic Reviews with an audit of existing IT assets, systems and processes. Our process includes an assessment of current and future state, against which a gap analysis is conducted. Our consultants then conduct interviews with your staff and executive team. This helps us to determine a detailed understanding of the current state from an end-users perspective, as well as company leadership. This provides the context for the strategy to be finalised, and then presented back to the business for execution.

IT Audits

The proliferation of IT devices such as tablets, smartphones and networking appliances in recent years can result in a challenging scenario where you simply don’t have line-of-sight to the technology assets that present in the organisation. In these cases, Interscale can deploy intelligent agents to scan the environment, build a view of the entire network and provide reporting – whether the devices are under management or in a Bring-Your-Own capacity. This affords you insight in to what your users are doing and where you might be missing certain opportunities in the service model.


In certain scenarios the “point-in-time” services offered by Interscale’s Strategic Review and IT Audit engagements may not be adequate. In these instances you may find your organisation requires ongoing IT strategy and advisory services. Interscale’s CTO-as-a-Service model provides you with a recurring, fixed-price solution for developing and maintaining an IT strategy. You can then elect whether to engage your internal support resources for implementation and management, or outsource these to Interscale. Speak to one of our Account Managers today to see how we can help you build a roadmap and then execute it over the long-term.

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