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Network Management

We see a customer’s Unified Communications environment – meaning the combination of internet, intranet, voice and data, as part of the fabric of the enterprise, linking business applications, processing power, information, devices and people, both inside and outside the organisation. iMS supports a range of network vendor technologies, delivering a fully managed solution at a fixed price, backed by tight SLA’s and the benefit of having Interscale as your single point of accountability.

Security Management

iMS offers you complete peace of mind with regard to your security implementation and ongoing management of these complex technology systems. Our specialist networks team will harden your router and firewall against penetration, whilst also ensuring that you’ve deployed a suitable solution from any one of our Tier-1 networking vendors. From an operational perspective, we can monitor your environment for security breaches, ensuring your data and business IP is safe from attack.

End-User Compute Management

Interscale’s EUC Management service encompasses a myriad of management requirements for end-user computing devices including patch management, client security/AV and core applications management. Interscale utilises a industry-leading toolset to provide these services.

Disaster Recovery Management

Interscale can help you sleep safely at night, knowing that in the event of an IT outage or systems downtime, we have you covered. As part of the iMS engagement we’ll develop a basic Disaster Recovery Plan for your business which aligns to your broader Business Continuity Planning document. We’ll then monitor, patch and report on any backup and replication technologies to ensure that your data is backed up and any vital servers replicated for improved resiliency.

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