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Interscale Managed Services
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Why should I engage a Managed Services Provider?

The difference between Managed Services and traditional ICT support is comparable to the difference between having a doctor monitoring your health and buying a box of bandages. Traditional Break-Fix IT companies work on the assumption that all computers and systems will eventually fail, and when they do, an engineer will be engaged to remediate the issues.

Managed Services providers don’t wait for a disaster to occur to react. Rather, a monthly fee covers the delivery of contracted services, in which the Managed Services provider monitors and proactively manages critical IT systems, from the availability of your servers and network, through to any end-user problems that may arise. Interscale’s IMS solution provides you with tiered options for IT service management and can scale as you do; we’ve designed IMS to equally support an organisation of 5 or 500 end-points.

The result is that your IT works the way it was designed to, your costs decrease and we close the gulf between what you want your technology to achieve and what it actually does.

Interscale's approach to Managed Services

Interscale takes an enterprise approach to IT service management. We built iMS with the goal of bringing the maturity in governance, strategy, services availability and adherence to best practice, from our experience gained from decades of working within enterprise and mid-market organisations, through to businesses of all sizes. Whether you are seeking a partner to compliment your existing technology staff, or engage in a fully-outsourced IT services model, Interscale can help you.

We’ve developed Interscale Managed Services (iMS) to seamlessly integrate with your business in varying capacities – each of our three core offerings built specifically with a set of customer requirements in mind. From our SMB solution, Basecamp, through to our enterprise offering, Peak, we have you covered.

iMS extends upon your existing IT capabilities by providing you access to the entire Interscale team, enabling you to reap the benefits of a skilled, experienced and diverse team of technology professionals.

iMS allows you to focus on what you do best – running your business – whilst we take care of the technology.

Scalable Technology Services

We designed the iMS platform with a focus on scalability and flexibility. To achieve these objectives, iMS is spread across six core technology towers, each of which sit upon the foundation layer, which consists of the service management principles and tools for managing the environment. Depending on the organisational requirements, you might engage Interscale for a holistic IT outsourcing arrangement where we take ownership of all systems, alternatively, you could just engage us for the management of your server infrastructure. It’s up to you.

This approach ensures that each of our customers can depend on Interscale for a fit-for-purpose IT management solution, whilst still enabling quality IT governance and best practice, enhancing the value of technology in their business.

Service Desk

The Service Desk is a critical component of any IT service delivery framework, serving both as a triage for incidents and an interface between your staff and the technology platform. We can tailor a Service Desk facility to meet your business requirements, from 24×7 coverage through to priority service level targets for specific applications or staff.

Server Management

Interscale has been providing Server Management services for over 10 years within mission critical enterprise environments. Our offering provides real-time monitoring and exhaustive management of all infrastructure, whether on-premise or in the Cloud, at a fixed cost.

Network Management

We see a customer’s Unified Communications environment – meaning the combination of internet, intranet, voice and data, as part of the fabric of the enterprise, linking business applications, processing power, information, devices and people, both inside and outside the organisation. iMS supports a range of network vendor technologies, delivering a fully managed solution at a fixed price, backed by tight SLA’s and the benefit of having Interscale as your single point of accountability.

Security Management

iMS offers you complete peace of mind with regard to your security implementation and ongoing management of these complex technology systems. Our specialist networks team will harden your router and firewall against penetration, whilst also ensuring that you’ve deployed a suitable solution from any one of our Tier-1 networking vendors. From an operational perspective, we can monitor your environment for security breaches, ensuring your data and business IP is safe from attack.

End-User Compute Management

Interscale’s EUC Management service encompasses a myriad of management requirements for end-user computing devices including patch management, client security/AV and core applications management. Interscale utilises a industry-leading toolset to provide these services.

Disaster Recovery Management

Interscale can help you sleep safely at night, knowing that in the event of an IT outage or systems downtime, we have you covered. As part of the iMS engagement we’ll develop a basic Disaster Recovery Plan for your business which aligns to your broader Business Continuity Planning document. We’ll then monitor, patch and report on any backup and replication technologies to ensure that your data is backed up and any vital servers replicated for improved resiliency.