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One of the more prevalent challenges for building a successful IT model centres on the procurement of technology assets. How do you know you’re getting the best tool for the job, at the right price? Appointing an IT partner such as Interscale is one way that you might start address these issues.

Interscale offers a range of strategic procurement services that always place focus on your organisational goals. As a vendor-agnostic IT consultancy, our Account Managers will work with the myriad of vendors that we represent to develop a suitable outcome. However, they do this in an independent manner.

This approach ensures you have peace of mind that Interscale will only provide best-of-breed solutions that meets your specific needs. Additionally, our highly-qualified pre-sales architects and engineers provide further assurance that our solutions will be implemented in accordance to industry best practice.

Contact Interscale today, we do more than sell – we act as your internal IT procurement department, representing your needs at every step along the way.


Strategic Procurement

Do you need honest, independent advice on products? As a qualified and certified reseller of many major hardware and software vendors, we can give you the right advice on what to purchase to enhance your next IT or business initiative. We take a consultative approach, always starting our discussions with you on people, process and strategy, before we start talking tech. This ensures we’re always focused on the most important piece of the puzzle – your needs.

E-Commerce & BYOD Portals

Whether you’re a Government department, private organisation or education institution, Interscale can provide a range of E-Commerce solutions that address typical supply-chain management challenges. Transparent pricing models, drop-ship capabilities, in-house SOE deployment from our distribution centre, tailored offerings for your end-users – we can do it all through our industry-leading E-Commerce solution.

Vendor Management

Interscale has forged relationships and industry partnerships with most key vendors. Leveraging this network can provide you with better pricing, 1st-party Solutions Architecture and design, enhanced support offerings, as well as “one throat to choke” when you’ve appointed Interscale as your IT services partner. Maintaining relationships takes a lot of work, so why not rely on our team of Account Managers to do this for you?

EUC Lifecycle Management

Managing a fleet of End-User Computing devices such as notebooks, desktops and mobile devices can be a hassle, so we’ve built a solution and have got you covered. Once we’ve identified your requirements from an end-user perspective and selected one of our Tier-1 vendors to support the solution, we’ll provide manage of loan pools, Warranty and Non-Warranty repairs, decommissioning services, as well as provision new devices at End-of-Life.

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