Back-Up & Disaster Recovery

Back-Up & Disaster Recovery

Interscale offers both a simple yet comprehensive backup plan as well as a complete Disaster Recovery solution depending on your business needs. So, what is the difference between them?

Our experience is that many clients are unaware of the reality of their situation and whether or not they have an effective backup or Disaster Recovery solution in place. We find that in most cases, what is believed to be a comprehensive backup or DR solution is nothing more than a simple backup to an external hard drive. Should the unfortunate event of a hardware failure or natural disaster occur, many business owners fail to realise the level of cost, complexity and timeframes involved when engaging IT assistance, to complete a recovery from this type of backup system.

If you’re like most mid-sized enterprises, you might have installed a tape backup system thinking that this investment was wise. The issues with tape backup include: the need for human interaction, the reduced frequency of backups, the lack of proof and quality of backups, and timeliness. Tape restore can take hours, days or even weeks when it comes to recovery time.

The challenge and confusion stems from the complexity involved with documenting, designing, managing and routinely testing a backup or Disaster Recovery solution, let alone having the confidence that if the worst were to occur, you could rely on these systems supporting your business operations whilst remediation plans unfold.

Our Data Recovery Solutions

Why implement Interscale Managed Backup?

Hardware failure, theft or malware infection (such as a ransomware attack) can make recovering critical business data expensive or even impossible. In order to avoid this, you need a sophisticated, offsite backup solution.

Simple Pricing
Simple monthly pricing from $80/month.
No hardware, licensing or large upfront fee required.

Offsite/Cloud Backup
In the event of a failure you will have access to vital data and services in our secure, Australian-based cloud.

Simple Implementation
Fully-automated backup processes – set and forget!
No more backup tape collections or daily swapping of hard drives alleviating manual processes and human error.

Long Retention
Backup data is stored for up to one year and can be restored at any time.

Data is encrypted and monitored by our Service Desk team.

In the event of a disaster, hardware failure or ransomware attack, the data can be restored to a local server or cloud provider quickly and securely.

Monitoring & Support
24/7 monitoring by our Service Desk team based in Melbourne so you’ll always have the support you need.

Flexible storage options
Highly scalable platform allows for growth or decline of backup requirements.

Why implement Interscale-Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service?

This device automatically replicates all data – including servers and business-critical information – locally, as a first point of recovery. Then, according to your Internet connection speed, Recovery Time Objective and Recovery Point Objectives, the device replicates this data to our secure, Australian-based data centre, providing a second layer of backup and resiliency for your business.

Purpose-built, business-grade hardware appliance that comes with a minimum 3-year warranty, including priority support and service.

Fully-automated backup and DR processes – set and forget!

24/7 monitoring and alerting to ensure that backups are always completed as scheduled.

With iDRaaS, no more backup tape collections or daily swapping of hard drives will ever be required!

Outsourced management by Interscale, with access to our Service Desk – so you’ll always have the support you need when it comes to backup and DR.

Flexible storage options with capacities ranging from 500GB to 10TB+.

In the event of a failure you will have access to vital data and services – either on the device or in our secure, Australian-based cloud.

Fixed-price monthly invoicing with no capital investment means that you can remain within operating budgets.

24 to 36-Month contract terms available.