Internet & Phone Systems

What your business needs from internet connection, phone system to unified communication; we can help you come up with an initial plan and strategy, implement this solution that suit your business.

Our Internet & Phone Systems Solutions

Fibre 1000mbps from $699*

Interscale is a TPG/AAPT wholesaler so we can provide Fibre1000 starting from $699/month with $0 install. Please contact us to find out if your office supports the new fast internet connection.
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Internet connections are becoming faster and more affordable. Interscale has assisted dozens of organisations with their migration to the fast internet connection.

Phone Systems & Hosted PBX

As Telstra is phasing out traditional ISDN and PSTN, business needs to adjust to much better voice and video communication platform that remote workforce.
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Interscale supports few different traditional brand such as Panasonic, LG and Alcatel.
We also have a solid hosted PBX service offering to support remote workforce.

Unified Commnunication

Enable employees to meet, talk, chat and collaborate seamlessly through a single application, keeping them productive and frustration-free.
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Interscale can be your trusted advisor for migrating traditional phone system to the latest cloud Collaboration platform.