Interscale's Values & Commitments

Career, Growth & Learning

Training & Development Programs

We are committed to helping our employees thrive. Our training and development programs are designed to help them develop the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in their roles and to advance their careers. We offer a wide range of disciplines, including cybersecurity, sales, marketing, software and hardware training, and more.

Continuous Learning Opportunities

We provide access to online learning platforms, webinars, conferences, and support attendance at industry events to ensure employees stay updated with the latest trends and developments in their fields.

Career Pathing & Succession Planning

We actively engage in career pathing discussions with our employees to understand their long-term aspirations and goals. Based on their interests and abilities, we identify potential career paths within the organisation and provide guidance on the skills and experiences required to advance to those roles. We also have succession planning initiatives to identify and empower employees for future leadership positions.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

Cultural Exchange

We gather weekly to explore different cuisines from around the world. This is a chance to try new foods, learn about different cultures, and build relationships with our people.

Equal Opportunities

Our company policies and practices are regularly reviewed to ensure that they promote inclusivity and provide a level playing field for everyone.

Multilingual Environment

Our team currently communicates in over 10 languages, including English, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Hokkien, Nepalese, Filipino, and Hindi.We encourage diverse language proficiency as this allows us to be more effective in communication with our customers. This fosters a sense of empowerment and belonging among employees from different linguistic backgrounds.

Community Engagement

We encourage our staff to take time off to participate in community-led programs that promote inclusivity and diversity. Some of these programs include the Asian Hustle Network, the Vietnamese Museum Australia, the Vietnamese AustralianProfessional Network, SICMAA and IndOz Biz. As a disclaimer, we are not associated with these organisations apart from providing sponsorships periodically.

Environmental Sustainability

Use Of Reusable Utensils

We have replaced single-use plastic with reusable utensils in our office to reduce waste and encourage our staff to be more eco-conscious.

Bike-To-Work Days

We encourage our staff to participate in bike-to-work days, where they can commute using bikes instead of cars. This initiative promotes eco-friendly transportation methods and improves the overall health of our staff. Currently, about 30% of our staff regularly bike to work.


We take the time to separate waste for paper, plastic, and other recyclables. By recycling these materials, we minimise our impact and contribution to the amount of waste that is sent to landfills. We actively make an effort to reduce e-waste.


We have embraced technology for digitalisation to reduce our reliance on paper. We have significantly reduced printing requirements, leading to a decrease in paper consumption and associated waste.

Assisting AEC businesses Towards Sustainability Goals

We are committed to supporting our clients across Australia in their efforts to achieve net zero by 2050. We do so by adopting digital solutions, including cloud services powered by renewable energy.

Social Impact

We are aware of the social problem of unequal access to education and employment in the community. We have implemented a variety of strategies to support initiatives that improve access to quality education and skills development programs.

One of our key approaches is our collaboration with educational institutions and community organisations. We have partnered with the Australian Technical & Management College (ATMC)to deliver such programs.

Through these collaborations, we aim to provide individuals with the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to improve their employability. We work together to identify and overcome the barriers that prevent individuals from accessing quality education and provide experience in the industry.

We aim to break down barriers and empower individuals by doing so.

Work-life balance

Parental & Carers Leave:

Personal and professional responsibilities can be particularly challenging for working professionals. To support our employees, Interscale offers flexible work arrangements, such as job sharing or part-time work options. In summary, Interscale is committed to supporting its employees in achieving a healthy balance between personal and professional responsibilities.

Flexible Working Arrangements

Today’s workforce prefers a hybrid work arrangement, therefore we have constructed flexible working arrangements allowing our employees to work from home or adjust their work hours to suit their personal responsibilities. This helps employees to manage their time effectively and reduces the stress of juggling multiple responsibilities. Interscale also encourages employees to take regular breaks during the workday and prioritise their self-care needs, such as exercise or attending medical appointments.

Women’s Equality & Safety

Interscale is committed to fostering a workplace environment that promotes women's equality and safety. The company has implemented several business practices and policies to ensure a supportive and inclusive culture for all employees. Here are some of the key initiatives taken by Interscale:

Equal Opportunity Employment

Interscale firmly believes in equal opportunity employment and ensures that all individuals are given fair and unbiased consideration for job opportunities and promotions. The company follows a comprehensive hiring process that is based solely on an individual's qualifications, skills, and experience, without any discrimination based on gender.

Anti-Discrimination Policies

Interscale has established stringent anti-discrimination policies that explicitly prohibit any form of gender-based discrimination or harassment. These policies cover a wide range of behaviors, including but not limited to sexual harassment, bias in performance evaluations, and unequal treatment. The company ensures that employees are aware of these policies and provides them with channels to report any violations confidentially.

Safe Work Environment

Interscale is dedicated to providing a safe and secure workplace environment for all employees. The company complies with relevant occupational health and safety regulations and continually assesses and improves its safety protocols. Interscale promotes a zero-tolerance policy for any form of violence, intimidation, or harassment, and actively encourages employees to report any concerns or incidents promptly.

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