Innovative Solutions and Bespoke Designs: Enhancing Revit Efficiency with VJA

Company Overview

V.J.Agosta and Associates (VJA) is a distinguished architectural design firm known for its modern and functionally honest design aesthetic, integrating community and environmental considerations. They excel in providing fully customized and innovative solutions by immersing themselves in their clients' perspectives. VJA prides itself on making sure that we are providing our clients with the best designs, and attribute this to our drive to invest into the latest innovations in the industry. With a growing portfolio and an increasing workload, VJA recognized the need to optimize their Revit workflow and provide customised training for their team members.


VJA approached Interscale with the objective of improving their Revit Templates to increase efficiency and implementing customized training programs to enhance their team's skills. The specific areas of focus included optimizing VJA’s Revit template, content creation, conducting lunch and learn sessions/short training sessions ensuring the team wasn’t required to spend too much time away from their projects, and introducing future software planning.

Revit Templates

Our team began by conducting an in-depth analysis of VJA's current Revit templates and workflow. We identified areas where improvements could be made to streamline processes and increase efficiency. The key areas addressed were as follows:

Project/Shared Parameters:

We collaborated closely with VJA's project team to identify the most relevant and commonly used project/shared parameters. We developed a standardized set of parameters that aligned with VJA's specific project requirements. This allowed for consistent data management and facilitated easier collaboration among team members.

View Templates:

We assessed VJA's existing view templates and identified opportunities for improvement. We worked closely with their design and documentation teams to create a comprehensive set of optimized view templates that aligned with VJA's project standards. These templates improved consistency across projects, reduced manual adjustments, and saved valuable time during the design process.


Our team analyzed VJA's filter settings and identified areas for enhancement. We collaborated with their team to develop customized filter settings that aligned with their specific project requirements. These new filters allowed for better organization and quick identification of elements within complex building models.


We reviewed VJA's schedule templates and identified areas where efficiency gains could be made. Our team worked closely with their team to refine and standardize the schedule settings. We implemented automated formulas and intelligent grouping, resulting in more accurate and easily updatable schedules, reducing manual data entry and potential errors.

Content Management

We assessed VJA's content creation processes and identified opportunities for improvement. Our team worked closely with their design team to develop a streamlined content creation workflow. This included the creation of standardized families and components, allowing for efficient reuse and reducing the need for manual content creation.

Customized Training

Lunch & Learn sessions:

We conducted regular Lunch & Learn sessions, where we delivered focused training sessions on specific Revit topics. These sessions were held during lunch breaks, ensuring minimal disruption to VJA's busy schedule. The topics covered included advanced modelling techniques, efficient documentation workflows, and best practices for collaboration.

Short training working around a busy schedule:

Recognizing VJA's busyworkload, we developed short training modules that could be completed within alimited time frame. These modules focused on company-specific skills andtechniques, and were delivered through online platforms, allowing team membersto access them at their convenience.

Introduction and future planning of other software:

Understanding VJA's vision for future growth and diversification, we introduced them to other relevant software tools that could complement their Revit workflow. We provided an overview of software options, discussing their benefits and potential integration with their existing processes. This enabled VJA to plan for future software adoption and explore new possibilities for enhanced design and collaboration.


Improvements to Revit Templates:

By implementing the refined Revit templates, VJA experienced significant improvements in their design and documentation processes. The standardized parameters, view templates, filters, schedules, and content creation workflows resulted in increased efficiency, reduced errors, and improved consistency across projects.

Customized Training:

The customized training program helped VJA's team members enhance their Revit skills and improve their productivity. The Lunch & Learn sessions provided valuable insights into advanced modelling techniques and collaboration workflows. The short training modules enabled team members to acquire new skills at their own pace, fitting into their busy schedules. Additionally, the introduction to other software tools broadened VJA's knowledge base and laid the foundation for future software integration.


Through a comprehensive approach to improving Revit efficiency and providing customized training, VJA was able to streamline their processes and enhance their team's skills. The refined Revit templates and optimized workflows resulted in increased productivity, improved accuracy, and reduced manual effort. The customized training program ensured that team members had the necessary skills to maximize their productivity while adapting to a busy schedule. VJA is now well-equipped to tackle complex design challenges, deliver projects more efficiently, and continue their commitment to innovative and sustainable architectural design.

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