Empowering Architectural Innovation: Ewert Leaf's Tech Synergy with Interscale

Company Overview

Ewert Leaf, a prominent architecture firm, has been actively shaping a legacy of diverse and innovative outcomes since its inception in 2009. Their commitment to multi-disciplinary collaboration and cutting-edge innovation sets them apart in the industry. As they strive to create a new architectural model, they seek to establish a diverse, cross-functional campus for ideation and exploration, moving beyond traditional dwellings to deliver exceptional value to their clients.


Interscale, an established MSP provider and BIM/CAD consultancy, proved to be the ideal technology partner for Ewert Leaf's transformative journey. With their comprehensive range of services, Interscale demonstrated the ability to streamline and simplify Ewert Leaf's operations by consolidating various IT and communication needs under one umbrella. This partnership allowed Ewert Leaf to focus more on their core expertise while leaving the IT management in capable hands.

MSP Provider and Autodesk Integration

Interscale's role as an MSP provider and Autodesk reseller enabled Ewert Leaf to centralize their technology requirements within a single company. This consolidation made managing licenses and communication more efficient through Interscale's dedicated Support Portal. As a result, Ewert Leaf enjoyed improved operational processes and reduced administrative burdens, enabling them to allocate more time and resources to their architectural projects.

BIM/CAD Discovery Session

To facilitate Ewert Leaf's transition to Revit, Interscale conducted a value-added BIM/CAD Discovery Session. During this meeting, Interscale assessed Ewert Leaf's current progress with the adoption of Revit and identified areas where they could offer valuable assistance. Key factors to consider during the transition were discussed, laying the groundwork for a seamless and successful shift.

Interscale provided expert tips and guidance on how Ewert Leaf could effectively prepare for the transition period. A future roadmap was devised, outlining the steps to becoming more proficient in Revit within the business. This plan included Customized Training sessions, Lunch and Learns, and Revit Content Creation. These initiatives aimed to enhance Ewert Leaf's expertise, empower their team, and optimize their Revit workflows.

Ongoing Support and Assistance

One of the most significant advantages ofpartnering with Interscale was their expertise in both IT and the Architecture,Engineering, and Construction (AEC) space. Their team possessed a deepunderstanding of the challenges and requirements specific to architecturalfirms. This unique combination allowed Interscale to provide tailor-madesolutions, ensuring that Ewert Leaf's IT infrastructure seamlessly supportedtheir architectural endeavours.

Interscale's accessibility was commendable,offering various communication channels to reach their experts promptly.Whether through emails, in-person meetings, or phone calls, Ewert Leaf couldeasily discuss their architectural objectives and receive the best approachesand solutions from Interscale's specialists.


The collaboration between Ewert Leaf and Interscale yielded transformative results. By streamlining IT operations, Ewert Leaf saved valuable time and resources, which they redirected towards their core competencies. The BIM/CAD Discovery Session provided essential guidance and a clear roadmap, empowering Ewert Leaf to embrace Revit confidently.

Thanks to Interscale's expertise in both IT and the AEC space, Ewert Leaf's IT infrastructure seamlessly integrated with their architectural processes, supporting the firm's innovative pursuits. The ongoing support from Interscale's readily-available experts ensured that Ewert Leaf consistently received optimal solutions tailored to their unique requirements.


Ultimately, Ewert Leaf's collaboration with Interscale allowed them to focus on their vision of creating a diverse, cross-functional campus for ideation and exploration. This transformation empowered Ewert Leaf to continue shaping a legacy of excellence and delivering exceptional value to their clients through innovative architectural designs.

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