Implement Private Network: Mount Evelyn Christian School

Mount Evelyn Christian School Case Study

Business Name: Mount Evelyn Christian School (MECS)

Industry: Education

Location: Mount Evelyn

No. of Employees: 120 Teachers and 600 Students

Company Overview

MECS provides parent-governed, Christ-centred schooling with learning experiences that challenge each student to actively live for God in His world, while partnering with Christian parents in the nurture of their children.

The Challenge

IT Issues The School Was Experiencing:

MECS was looking to implement a private link between their Mount Evelyn and Lilydale campuses utilising existing hardware. There was also a need to set up a new Optus internet connection at their Mount Evelyn campus.

However, MECS were finding it difficult to “speak the vendor language” and needed professional assistance from someone who understood their needs and requirements and could communicate with vendors on their behalf.

MECS were utilising a public network setup instead of a private network which was creating both privacy and security issues. Due to a lack of internal IT resources, the school was having trouble finding the right solution to rectify their IT issues.

Why Did you Choose To Work With Interscale?

MECS chose to work with Interscale due to their proven project management skills. Interscale were able to demonstrate great success and client experience with clients who had similar issues and installations.

The Solution

Interscale suggested that MECS utilise their expertise as project managers to work with both the internet service provider and vendor to install the new internet connection and network framework.

Interscale also suggested that MECS move their network from a public connection to a private connection to facilitate both better security, as well as increased performance and efficiency.

Interscale were able to show MECS the best practice for a secure network setup and traffic flow. We were also able to project manage the changes in stages in order for the school to have minimal downtime.

Interscale were able to effectively communicate with MECS staff around how each change would be implemented and what the expected outcome would be. Most importantly, Interscale were able to deliver the outcomes that MECS were expecting both within budget and timeframe.

The time frame for full delivery was 2–3 weeks.

The Outcomes

MECS were extremely happy with the solution delivered by Interscale. Faster internet speed has allowed for greater efficiency and increased productivity and the new private network between Mount Evelyn and Lilydale campuses has given the school a greater sense of security.

During the implementation phase, there were disputes between the router vendor and the internet service provider, which Interscale managed to mediate and then resolve.

Would Your School Recommend Interscale to Other Businesses?

MECS would absolutely recommend Interscale to other businesses and/or schools. Interscale worked hard to gain a deep understanding of the issues MECS were experiencing and then designed an appropriate solution.

Interscale showed that they not only had experience in project management, but were able to deliver the results desired by MECS. Interscale proved to be both trustworthy and able to meet expectations.

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