CAD/BIM Management: K2LD Architects

BIM/Model Management

This component of the BIM Management Service offer would see Interscale assume ownership of the ongoing maintenance and management of projects as noted within the scoping information below. Services in scope of the offer include:

  • Model audits
  • Ensuring healthy models to reduce risks of corruption.
  • Providing report summaries of critical model maintenance action items
  • Warnings, Line Styles, Imports, and File Size.
  • Weekly Maintenance
  • Purge, Compact, Archive.
  • Template Maintenance
  • If/when necessary, when switching Revit versions.

Content Management

Part of the scoped agreement is to ensure that the projects run smoothly. Interscale has comprehensive
experience in Revit file corruption prevention, and as such, Content Management is crucial as poor family
management often leads to corrupt Revit files resulting in numerous days of downtime or rework. Services in scope of the offer include:

  • Review content
  • Audit problematic families
  • Weekly family health checks.

Project Start-Up

We see project start-up as a crucial step to ensure the team works as a cohesive unit both internally and with
external parties. Ensure that all staff in the business start with the correct procedures to minimize the risk of time-consuming rework. Services in scope of the offer include:

  • Working with Team Leads to start projects.
  • Shared Coordinates.
  • Template Preparation.
  • Folder Structure Organization.

Project Meetings

To ensure project deliverables are on time and organized, Interscale recommends weekly meetings throughout the various stages of the project. This gives both Interscale and the business the ability to be organized from the
get-go, but also, to adapt to any current challenges faced by the broader team. Services in scope of the offer include:

  • Discussing BEP (BIM Execution Plan) for the project
  • Flag internal struggles
  • Progress reports
  • Responsibility allocation.

End-User Support

Interscale’s capabilities and experience in Service Desk outsourcing are considerable and represent the differentiating point for our BIM Management Service offering, providing the first point-of-contact for any staff that require assistance.
This element of the solution includes the following key business outputs:

  • All incidents that are raised by end-users within the business will be directed to the Interscale Service Desk facility via our standard 1300 number, email, or ticketing agent.
  • Incidents logged will be assigned a Priority level (P1, P2, etc) and then assessed against the Service Level Targets to determine a suitable course of action.
  • Resulting from this an Interscale team or personnel will be assigned to the resolution of the incident. The response to this incident might require the assistance of an “Onsite Technician” resource, or rather be addressed by a specialist technical resource in a remote capacity (or both).
  • Types of requests include:
  • Autodesk Licensing and Contract Management
  • Workflow Issues
  • Generic Software Errors
  • Software Support for: Revit, AutoCAD, Navisworks, BIM360, Dynamo, 3DS Max, Enscape, and Bluebeam.

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